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"She had the face of an angel Smiling with sin A body of Venus with arms"

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Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 3 jours (historique)
hey! :) are you coming for the next one?
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 jours (historique)
WHOOOO! Well that was.....(ok, I was interrupted right when I started typing this, so I am back now to continue...LOL) As I was saying, that was one heck of a great time. I am so glad you came back and you stayed for so many games too! My lucky day! I did pretty well except for Ten Years After, which I typed "I can't help myself from crying" instead of "keep" which of course makes a lot more sense! I also came in too late on Blue Oyster Cult and made a mess when trying to type the title. And let's see....I think I missed a Led Zeppelin song and now I cannot remember what it was??? Well, I will for sure miss it next time too. I might have missed something else but overall, I think I did ok for not having played much at all for several weeks now. It was great to hear some good ole classic rock for a change. Well, thanks for the games and for coming to get me! I hope we can do this again really soon and maybe our CR friends will be available too! I sure hope we didn't run anybody off! LOL See ya later!!!
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 jours (historique)
I went back to Hits but I will be there as soon as this one ends. Don't leave. LOL!
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 4 jours (historique)
I'm really sorry... in fact I came at the beginning of a game but missed the two first songs, so I didn't want to play the whole game for nothing and left to come back for the next, but I received a phone call so I couldn't play! now I'm ready for the next one if you want :)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 jours (historique)
Ohhhh! I went to CR as soon as I finished that game in Hits. I was playing with Belette and did not want to run out on her. I usually play her about 4 games at this time every day. You probably only had time for one game? I am terribly disappointed. The whole time I was playing that game, I was wishing for it to hurry and end so I could join you. Next time when you enter, I will just leave so I don't miss out on playing in CR which I have not played much in there for weeks now. I am sorry and I hope we can meet up soon. Take care and hope to see you very soon!
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 30 jours (historique)
unfortunately I must leave now :/ I'm so sorry, when I saw you coming I was glad to play my last game with you, I hope that we'll meet within the next days, I miss our games!
see you soon Stacy :)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 30 jours (historique)
OMG I accidentally unplugged my computer. I am coming back. Ugh! I cannot believe after waiting all that time, I do that on the very last song. I hope this is not a sign of more fumbles by me. LOL
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a environ un mois (historique)
Ahhh I see your profile says you were on an hour ago and I missed you! I have been logging on periodically to see if I could catch you! Hopefully, soon!

Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 mois (historique)
Hey there! Yes, I did not expect to see anybody on here at this time but I wanted to play so I logged on and then there you both were. I was happy. I had been shopping all day and now I am exhausted. Thank you for the holiday wishes. I will be glad when it is all over with, to be honest. LOL I am starting to become a Scrooge...LOL Not really, but it it is a tiring and expensive time for me! Soon my nephews and nieces will be old enough to join the adult Xmas exchange and it will become much less expensive. Ha!

Ok, thanks for staying up so late to play with me! Oh! And yes, there are several Pink Floyd songs that I know right away but I have been working on listening to them.,.at least to the songs that I think are in the quiz. I made a playlist on Spotify. Oh, you can join that with your Facebook acct if you want to. That is how I have mine. I see Iza on there all the time working on songs for CR. You will see a list of your friends and the songs they are listening to. A feature I like. OK, I am going to try and take a small nap. See you soon, I hope! ;)
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 4 mois (historique)
hey I didn't expect to see you so late, anyway I was very happy to play with you and the ever progressing Elo! none of us two failed, so that was quite fair!
and congratulations for this gold cup you took on Time (Pink Floyd), I was really blown away!
see you soon Stacy and have a nice christmas with your family! as for me, I don't celebrate it, but I hope that you'll have a nice moment with your family and friends! :)
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 4 mois (historique)
hey Stacy! it's easy to recognise the hard AC/DC fan that you are, just to see how fast you find less known songs like Riff Raff and For Those About To Rock! ;)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 mois (historique)
Nice profile pic! ;) More to say, but I believe I will message you on FB that way little juvenile delinquents, who are up wayyyyy past their bedtime, won't read things and twist them in their dirty little minds. Ugh! How much fun can that possibly be? Soon, he will tire when there are no reactions from us. This is the last he will ever see me speak of him on here. All his message will be deleted and I am going to speak on the forum and reiterate the issue that visitors should not be able to change their username from something generic to an insult. Also, I will be taking screenshots and keeping them on file just in case it gets so out of hand, it becomes time to seek legal advice. I will not hesitate. Most countries now have laws against cyber-bullying and take it very seriously. We do in the USA. Ok, other than that bit of unpleasantness, it was as the Beach Boys would say "Fun, Fun, Fun" Don't forget to check your FB in a little bit! See you soon!
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 4 mois (historique)
that's it for me, I am tired, I need to rest with a good film! ;) well played dear Stacy as usual only a few points seperate us, and you would have deserved a deuce on this last one!
I hope that you're not suffering from the cold today! that winter is icy as never, even in France, the coldest of the last 5 years I think!
I was very angry today when I saw that idiot who wrote some insulting comments on our profiles, he let me a very long comment with stupid things about my private life that almost hurt me, I don't know how he knew that I had recently got divorced but he spoke about it, meaning that I deserved it and that now I was playing here only in order to find new girlfriend, I really don't know what do these people have in their mind to write such things!
see you soon Stacy, those games with our "night team" (or noon team for you) are really wonderful, especially now that the three "tigresses" (as edee calls them) are getting stronger days after days! enjor your weekend :)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 mois (historique)
Yeah, I thought I was seeing things when I saw you get the point after you did not get the cup but I don't think it took the point from me...I think it was somebody else. It did that to me the other day, giving me the point when I did not deserve it and man, I feel so bad when it does that. Another of the many bugs, that I hope we soon will see repaired but such silence from this new company has me a bit worried. I need to check the forum and see if there is any new correspondence from them, lately.

Also, yes, I have noticed you are starting to answer those obscure, unknown songs of the Stones. You got "Lady Jane" with no problem at all and I barely made it. It has been ages since that song played. Your homework is starting to come through. I promise that I will start working on my issues with Pink Floyd. I need to brush up again on Led Zep too and least I forget, the damn Doors and Jimi also! UGH. The last two have many songs that I do not care for so it is hard to keep listening to them. I will put in some extra homework too. Hopefully, it will do some good. See ya later!

♬♫♪◖(●◡●)◗♪♫♬ <- me with my headphones on, listening to my homework, haha!
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ il y a 4 mois (historique)
I am so glad you came at this late hour for several games. Too bad I had a bug on the last song and then bugged again on the first song of that game you started on. It is snowing here so my connection was fading a bit throughout all of the games. I held my breath each time and that seemed to work so I was able to answer all of the songs. Iza gave me a real run for the money today, tying with me two times. I feel so proud of her like my little protégé LOL. And ELO coming up fast and diligently learning all of the songs and surprising me each time I see her scores getting higher and higher and more consistent. You, of course, were PERFECT as usual and I expect nothing less from you. LOL

Well, I am off to get more wood for the fire here. It is damn cold right now. This is our 2nd snowfall already. I had a feeling that the winter was going to be harsh. I live in a big old drafty house that is in the progress of receiving a full makeover but right now I stay in one room mainly. Sometimes it is fun and sometimes, like today, it is NOT.

Oh, I just got a new computer too and am in the progress of trying to set it up and transfer all of my files. Hence, the reason for getting on here so late today. I am super glad you decided to come and join in, though, it is pretty late where you are! I will see you later!!