Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

Dernière partie il y a environ 10 heures
Inscrit en avril 2015
une femme, États-Unis
"She had the face of an angel Smiling with sin A body of Venus with arms"
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_ELo_ _ELo_ il y a environ 6 heures (historique)
Hello Stacy,
How are you? Indeed, there are many messages right now ! It's sad ... but, I suppress as soon as I see them. I don't play much right now because I'm reviewing. I succeeded the writings of a great competition and I soon pass the oral (end of June). I hope my efforts will pay off. From time to time, I take a life-saving break to change my ideas, but between work, revision of the competition and the house, I have little time left. Since Wednesday, I'm on weekends. I took the opportunity to go to my boyfriend and we took advantage of the sun.
See you soon Stacy :)
Adi90 Adi90 il y a environ 14 heures (historique)
Hi Stacy !

I try to answer you with information I have. To be honest, I don't follow the moderation in "Hits" because there is a moderator for this category. But you're right: normally, if the community decided to delete titles in moderation, the titles shouldn't be integrate the category again.

I just think that in these moments, as the forum is constantly flooded, people are less present and many things are not controlled. It's too bad but without a big cleaning in all this mess, the control of proposal and the moderation are unfortunately in stand-by.

But, if you notice some titles in proposal which were in game before but deleted after moderation, you can report them to me and I will delete them

Sorry if I can't tell you more about it. Hope you're fine in any case. See you.
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ il y a 1 jour (historique)
Come join us in AG :D
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ il y a 2 jours (historique)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ il y a 2 jours (historique)
Pffft you beat me on Carpenters :(:(:( :):):)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ il y a 2 jours (historique)
God, we are good :)
Suzie Q Suzie Q il y a 2 jours (historique)
You're just to hard to handle Stacy, can't beat you ,won't beat you ;) I'm just waiting for an oversight from your side haha
montange montange il y a 3 jours (historique)
bien sur stacy a bientot pour de nouvelles parties et comme on dit good luck lol
Mimi Hendrix Mimi Hendrix il y a 5 jours (historique)
Hello Stacy, je ne m'attendais pas à ce résultat, mais tu m'as fait souffrir :)
Passe une bonne soirée
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI il y a 6 jours (historique)
Good night Stacy.
Mimi Hendrix Mimi Hendrix il y a 7 jours (historique)
Oui Stacy, belles parties très serrées, mais tu es toujours devant. Bravo et bonne soirée
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 9 jours (historique)
And I can't belive you erased that first account you had.. I guess you must had been really upset about, lets say... thare are 1 million reasons here to be upset. For the second one.. I have to confess that made me laugh a bit, poor team :o But it's too bad, I really empatize.
One day my little bro unloged me, I can tell could hear me screaming at him from Brazil. But hopelessy for him, I coud get my password back ;) Ok I'm gonna try to come back in Hits, see you Stacy
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 9 jours (historique)
Pfffff, tonight is an absolute nightmare. I struggle to post a comment, I struggle to play... Not only I was annoyed no to be able to type anything on Aretha, but I had 10scds of Makeba and then I was skipped after writing walking on broken glass ! Calm down MMQ

Anyway. Before I give it another try... I was trying to post something !! Like hey my friend, glad you're back ! lol I hate that site so much sometimes.
I had to take a break from the game because I went to the south, very near the sea but the conexion there is so weack that I could not play a game. And I'm wondering if it's not happening now.. When I came back I played when you were not there and vice versa, I was really startin to miss our games and I'm so frustrated it does not work now...
I didn't respond about that "turkish" fake las time but I felt disgusted, didn't fool us for a second. But I have to tell you, this is so classy from you most of people would just have left. And I know how you play ans on this site, it's almost a kind of resistence ;)

Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 9 jours (historique)
Looooool I can't believe it.... I prepared an enormous flood respond to you and it said "You're not allowed to post on that profile". Grrrrrr
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 9 jours (historique)
Hello Stacy