Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

Dernière partie il y a 12 jours
Inscrit en avril 2015
une femme, États-Unis
"She had the face of an angel Smiling with sin A body of Venus with arms"
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1 080ème au classement général
Classic Rock
2121 points ( 1331 parties , 747 sans-faute )
Meilleure partie 1 / 12 joueurs | 84 points mer 21 déc. à 22h53
Old Hits
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Meilleure partie 1 / 4 joueurs | 79 points ven 07 août à 01h50
1492 points ( 6 parties )
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Meilleure partie 1 / 3 joueurs | 84 points dim 11 oct. à 02h48
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Meilleure partie 1 / 17 joueurs | 84 points dim 31 jan. à 01h17
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Pop, Rock
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Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 3 jours (historique)
hey! :) are you coming for the next one?
Zvlorg grolvZ Zvlorg grolvZ il y a 4 jours (historique)
I'm really sorry... in fact I came at the beginning of a game but missed the two first songs, so I didn't want to play the whole game for nothing and left to come back for the next, but I received a phone call so I couldn't play! now I'm ready for the next one if you want :)
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 7 jours (historique)
(....)but the last thing I was told about is they seem to think the site construction is kind of hard to touch without damaging, I dont know if that means they don’t even understand how it was really conceived or if they do but it’s so bad that it would be too complicated to change without changing everything. Since I don’t know what they want to do, the moderators must know better, if they know :s But yeah, it’s a shame because this site is so cool. If you enjoy music you can only be addicted ! I’m sure the sound issues have contributed a lot to it’s death. And probably for some players, the trolling thing. I think it’s rather funny than annoying I mean, he post penis pictures.. Lol that’s tribal but it’s sadly common on the internet, he’s not really creative. And I have to say the trolls intrigue me a lot, I dont know how to translate the « mauvaise foi » concept, when you lie to yourself and you chose to ignore it consciously ? They are the absolute demonstration of that, I have no clue about what they like to think when they do what they do; but at the same time, they would never do so with their true account & would feel so ashamed of being discovered so.. I dont know what is worth, being trolled or being a troll ? Lol ask for your cheap psycho weasel monologue … Sorry Stacy ;) But yeah, internet.. crazy internet !
By the way, I cant wait to have some spare time so I can check those links from the Voice you send me, thank you a lot, can't wait to geek that "too watch" list in pajama ;) well I hope to see you soon, take care ! (I was about to send you "french kisses", Lol.. kisses from france is better !) seeya
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 7 jours (historique)
Hello Stacy,

To start everything, I have to present you all my apologies for the respond delay, I dont want you to think I don’t care commenting on your post or I am a crazy cold lunatic french ;) it’s just that I use to play around 22-23h, and I often see you enter the game when I am about to go. Then I want to stay because it’s way better with quizz mates and I dont have that much players I really enjoy quizzing with, so I end up nearly dead, and blind. And as I enjoy our little talks I want to take time to think as good as I can in shakespeare’s language, -lol that is not that easy- without missing too much points from the conversation. Rudeness borderline I know but be sure this is only why I take so much time to respond sometimes & I have been exhausted this week in particular, really bad unproductive week.

Lol ! having said that, I hope you’re doing well and I’m super glad we finally met, even if I have to tell you.. you did not bring me luck the day we had this army of new featuring !! My previous game was a cruise just to compare lol ! O my, I think you listed them all, the WORST of them to me was Tove Lo ft Alesso…. I would have never ever thought about her, I have so much trouble to recognize her..I dont know her style is so versatile, she does too much stuff I am more than lost with her uhhh. But at least, that surprise will make me remember her on that one, I hope.. :o

Too bad for Pitbull… that Featuring or jus « Ft » abbreviation is gonna be the typical orthography trick I wont remember. Lately I discovered there is no space anymore for aluna george.. I remember it half of the time then I dont have many hope for these new ft.. Hope you’ll handle them better !
I don’t even know who moderates Hits category but eventually I don’t even know him anyway lol, then I am afraid I can’t give you info about the new administration team :s (....)
TheBrianJonestownMassacre TheBrianJonestownMassacre il y a 8 jours (historique)
Half-Welsh Half-Welsh il y a 9 jours (historique)
Hello Stacy,

Great battle, you won, but the Haim sisters almost got you ;-)

Myself, I struggled with Paul Anka. As I dont play often, I lost on strategy : I totally lost my stars because I tried at least 5 times "put your hands on my shoulder"... At the time I had no clue why it it wasn't taking the title... I should at least have entered Paul Anka to keep my short lead over you ;-) Grrr, its quite a nonsense, How can I be so stupid ? he doesn't ask her(him) to put her hands on his shoulder, but her head ! I think my error is linked to an old song in french by Adamo where he asks his dancing partner to put her hands on his hips (if I remember well)... Anyway, I will try to remember for next time :-)

By the way, if you don't really know Haim, they did that song "pray to god" with Calvin Harris which I like but also a few other ones. It should be credited to Calvin Harris & Haim, but... Other songs which went to the UK Chart and were good : Falling & If I could change your mind
I was only playing one game, have a nice night Stacy :-)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ il y a 9 jours (historique)
♥♥ SsSsSsSsSsS
yyyyy ♥♥
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 19 jours (historique)
Hello Dear,

Wooow what a battle ! That was a serious one, great version of the song, I loved their tones together; they should make a duo :o So cool I couldn't take it to the end of the vid, I prefer not to know who won because both did incredible. I need to check more videos from the Voice, keep myself updated, feel free to send me the ones you like :)

Well Stac', you should try MMQ politics, the worst that could happen Is having a few voices, the best is you could actually win, not much french people play in Hits but I think Elo and some more plays in CR, they know you and I'm sure they trust you as well, + if you say you want to moderate hits category then you could really have your chances i truly think that.

I played on the "easy category" on the french side because they were only 2 people in Hits, lets see if it has changed :)

Hope to see you soon, bisou bisou
montange montange il y a 20 jours (historique)
merci stacy ça fait plaisir une bonne soirée et a bientot pour de nouvelles parties
pascalev pascalev il y a 20 jours (historique)
ok Stacy !
good job !

See you later

Kisses from Paris !!!!
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 25 jours (historique)
Hey pal,

I was so happy to sea you appear in the game but I was skipped by a bug on Kool & the Gang. Then I got twice Gwen Stephany & Bill Halley & his horde of comets, LOL, too bad !

Thank you a lot for the polish battle, I think I spent almost an hour on the Voice poland after that ! They are really open minded in terms of songs they take, both gender and languages, that's really cool to watch, and hear !
This is the French battle I prefered so far, some say it's just screaming some say it's genius, I really liked it ;)

I really understand you for the "strong opinions" and the confrontation. When I created my page on this site, I thought I would meet people with obsesive behavior for discovering music and talking about it, but my first comments were accusations of me being a fake account, LOL, or talks about points, Lol bis, I do not have any hope for the comunity of this site especially on the french side.
A lot of people here tend to think having a little bit of music knowledge alow them to despise people, so stupid and sad. BIg ego little spirit. Then I never wanted to get involved in the forum topics because they were mostly pages and pages of insults & childish debates; including intelectual masturbation about semantic stuff.. Ah, AH ! And by the way I think you would be a GREAT moderator, 1- you know far enough to judge, 2- you play -fair- & regularly in the category + 3- you live on the US which makes total sense, I would vote for you for sure !

See you Stacy and hope you're doing well, take care
wgfa. wgfa. il y a 29 jours (historique)
sorry Stacy it's time to "apéro" (sacré chez nous^^) bises et à une prochaine :)
Breizh Man Breizh Man il y a 29 jours (historique)
nice to see you this evening Stacy :) :)
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ il y a 30 jours (historique)
Hello Stacy :)

I didn't notice the game took your cup points last time, so rude !! Has it happened today ?

I had so much sound delays tonight, and so many bugs, then I decided to restart the computer, the livebox.. the all damn process to start the game with the eternal problem with the server, LOL ! That's really frustrating, and annoying. + all the things I do not know ;)

But I was so happy you stayed so we can play several games together, I would'nt have stayed so long if you were not in the game, but I should already be sleeping.. I have to get up early tomorow and it's gonna be terrible !

Oh and, trust me, old western stuff is way better than addictive sports ;) I would easily swop it ;) I also watch The Voice on internet sometimes, thank you Youtube ! And thank you stacy for your link, I will check it for sure. I've never watch american idol by the way but some episode of X-fatcor, but it's so cruel ! All the jury thing is a bit weird, like an arena in the old times, I prefer the Voice also as a singing program.

Congrats for your games, you were verry verry fast tonight, those were really cool sessions, take care and have a nice week-end !

New Dawn New Dawn il y a 30 jours (historique)
Hi Stacy, blimey, i'd forgotten how tough Hits was! and how good you were :-)